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20 facts about me! (As tagged by @yasminjamal)
1. Aizzul Azinuddin is my name, probably the only person in Brunei or even the world with that name (I have an uncommon name 😬)
2. My birthday was 1 week ago :o
3. I like cute things (more specifically, anything with a “:3” face on it)
4. I wish I were a cat 
5. I wish my cat could turn into a human (so that I can ask him what goes on in a cats life)
6. I play the guitar and the ukulele  7. I actually miss working = n = school is killing me~
8. The nintendo 3DS and Wii U are my current go-to gaming devices 🎮
9. I would like to travel back to japan some day 
10. Current favourite food is buttermilk chicken, runner up is roti telur bawang from Iskandar :9
11. I like collecting random items of interest, thus making my room look like a hoarders paradise * w *
12. I’m fat :(
13. Reptiles intrigue me
14. I’ve been told that I am a complicated person
15. I’m an introvert..
BUT I do enjoy being in the company of friends and family OR even meeting new people o.o (sometimes)
16. I’m super forgetful
17. I cannot grow a proper beard or moustache :< (my facial hair refuses to cooperate)
18. I could sit by the window and watch the fain falling for hours while sipping on a cup of tea (then possibly falling asleep afterwards)
19. I prefer strawberry flavoured things over chocolate or vanilla flavoured things.
20. I’m still not over the fact that the one good restaurant that serves the best mee mamak ever is now closed ;-;
And there you have it!
Sorry for the delay!
Here’s a very flattering selfie of me to compensate :B
I have no idea who I’ve just tagged, so if you’ve done it already, no need yo do it again~
And to anyone who wants to do the “20 facts about me tag” as well, go ahead :)

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